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"I needed to have my windshield repaired.  My insurance company tried to get me to use their glass replacement/repair service.  In doing some research on this, I found out that most insurance companies steer their clients to repair/replacement services who offer the cheapest prices.  I also found out that this could void the warrantee on my car.  I chose to use Earles Glass because they meet all the qualifications needed to keep my warrantee valid.  I called my insurance company and told them I was using Earles Glass.  Being an informed consumer saved me money and headaches in the long run."

                                                               Troy, Alabama
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"Right after my husband bought a new truck, we noticed there were small dings in the windshield.  We took it to Earles Glass.  We were concerned about the cost because there were so many of these small dings.  Earles Glass told us that some of these were superficial scratches and would not crack further.  The ones that needed repair were repaired.  We have had no further cracking in the repaired spots nor the ones we were told did not need repair.  I am glad we went to a repair shop we trusted.  Other repair shops could have "repaired" all of the dings and charged us.  I appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of the people at Earles Glass."
                                                                               Troy, Alabama